The XLerate Program created in partnership with Microsoft India is a program that provides adequate service and a sense of community to students from Engineering colleges.

The program provides students with the right platform and the support system they need to successfully forge a career in tech.

Our fundamental goal is to democratize skilling in a such a way that tech ecosystem can fully utilize talent coming from urban and rural areas equally. Being inclusive would help tech as an industry and push India to become a global digital talent hub in the coming years.

The XLerate Program embodies the core values we embody at byteXL which include:

Setting up well-defined learning outcomes that are defined based on a student’s ability to retain/retrieve knowledge and apply it in the outside world.

Adopting learn-by-doing programs to raise the professional certifications in fundamentals for1st and 2nd year students.

Training students how to think practically in a way that their first project in the first year is as important and impactful as their last project in their final year.

Partnering with Microsoft

Tying up with Microsoft India allows us to leverage our unique position in the industry and bring a hybrid model to the table. Unlike standard certification courses, XLerate Program encourages students to learn, build a community of like-minded individuals around them, and provide them with mentors who support them on their journey.

The byteXL Difference

We are uniquely propositioned due to our access and reach in colleges and working closely in collaboration with faculty management. We bring connectivity and provide large tech companies with a talented pool of candidates they previously lacked access to colleges that are beyond top NIRF ratings.

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