Who We Are

Photo: Our CEO, Karun Tadepalli interacting with students in the lab.

byteXL was founded in 2019 with the aim of making students career ready with the right upskilling and empower them to compete with the world's best tech talent. We provided students with unlimited access to tech learning resources through a subscription model — at a price that everyone can afford. We provided them college education with IT Industry knowledge in emerging technologies, assistance from industry experts and digital tools preparing them and giving them a head start to their career.

In late 2022, we realized that the root of the problem was the outdated college curriculum, the lack of trained faculty who had industry exposure and the lack of a robust learning platform with access to real-time coding challenges and feedback mechanism. Hence, we changed direction to focus on transforming colleges instead, with our integrated transformation model.


~120K students undergoing an bCAP/Expert/CRT/Test prep


150 micro-videos & 1500 annotated nano-videos for 45-hr subject


1500+ students placed in top product-based companies, 40000+ students placed in Wipro, Infosys, TCS.


with Microsoft, GoDaddy Academy, Fortinet NSE, Leading India AI, and Skysthelimit.org

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform engineering colleges in India by revolutionizing the education system and creating a pathway of hope for students. We aim to achieve this by integrating curriculum, content, and practical learning, providing students with the necessary skills and awareness on employability, and empowering them to excel in their careers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading edtech company that catalyzes the transformation of engineering colleges in India. We envision a future where every engineering student has access to a holistic and industry-relevant education that enhances their skills and employability. Through our innovative approach, we aspire to empower students, bridging the gap between academia and industry, and shaping the next generation of highly skilled professionals who will contribute to the development of the nation.


Our Journey In Pictures

Fireside Chat with our panel on Transforming Engineering Colleges
MOU signing in with CMR
Our CSO & Co-founder, Sricharan Tadepalli felicitating Santosh Nair from Parul University on the sidelines of our successful event "Transforming Engineering Colleges"
Joining Government’s effort to enable tech skilling & bridge existing employability gap by signing MOU with AICTE
Our CSO & Co-founder, Sricharan Tadepalli felicitating Chakravarthi Mittapali from Narasaraopeta Engineering College on the sidelines of our successful event "Transforming Engineering Colleges"
Our CSO & Co-founder, Sricharan Tadepalli felicitating Malineni Perumalu, Founder & Chairman of Malineni Lakshmaiah Women's Engineering College on the sidelines of our successful event "Transforming Engineering Colleges"
Interaction with J A Chowdary (JA) and other enthusiactic Founders, entrepreneurs and VC's at T-Hub event
At T-Hub event by India Startup Festival'23
Productive discussion with representatives of the Vellore Institute of Technology
Our Ceo Karun Tadepalli Interacting With Students Of Coding Club At Parul University
Our CEO & Co-founder, Karun Tadepalli with an IT Aspirant from Parul University
byteXL's 2nd Anniversary Celebrations

Karun C Tadepalli

CEO, byteXL

CEO's Message

In the corporate world, I've observed that many new graduates lack proper training, leading to prolonged on-the-job onboarding. I believe it's crucial to address this by rethinking how colleges impart knowledge. Our goal is to integrate curriculum, content, and practical learning, enhancing students' employability skills. We're attuned to engineering students' challenges, industry demands, and the need for holistic education.

To achieve this, we're committed to innovation and collaboration. We'll explore new teaching methods, use advanced technology, and partner with experts for top-notch resources. By merging curriculum, content, and practical learning, we'll offer a comprehensive education for workplace success.

To our partners, investors, and collaborators – your support is invaluable. Let's together revolutionize education, reshape engineering colleges, and transform our nation's future. We'll foster a community of motivated learners.

I'm thrilled about the journey ahead. With your dedication and our shared vision, we'll empower countless students, brightening India's future. Let's embark on this transformative mission, igniting hope and enabling students to thrive. Thank you for joining this exceptional adventure.


Meet our founders who work hard to bridge the existing skill gap and bring top tech talent to the workforce.

Karun C Tadepalli

Founder & CEO

Sricharan Tadepalli

Co-Founder & CSO

Core Team

The core team has a right blend of tech, operations, education and talent development experts who are building our product roadmap by standardizing teaching methodology, developing the content creation factory, and using analytics to reduce the load on educators.

Karthik Divi

Manish Kumar

Shankar Sivaramakrishnan

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