• Provide necessary tools and learning resources including Quizzes, Labs, Visual aids and content, Communities

  • Access to mentors and advisors who are eminent personalities

  • Taught by handpicked educators who are from existing educators' network


  • Hands-on coding practice using byteXL Online coding editor/Master videos (Visual learning and Annotated)


  • Comprehensive and tech enabled teaching through academic/Industry relevant content and curriculum

  • Stringent lesson plan and scheduling mechanisms

  • Provide opportunities to increase engagement and confidence, and create newer pathways to success including IDE, Video lectures, Hackathons, Global certifications, MS Connections


  • Periodic updates curriculum to industry standard and participate in BOS(frequency once every year) using industry & academic experts

  • Discussion boards and Communities via byteXL Platform by participating in communities of coders/Hackers to learn coding and interview tips

  • Self-learning modules

  • Contribution to Github and global certifications


  • Changing general thought process and encouraging students to compete with self

  • Learning platform for student onboarding and engagement, online assessments, hands-on coding experience, Visual learning, scalable module

  • Student analytics for improvement in learning outcomes; AI/ML and data analytics

  • Encouraging students to dream higher and aim for higher compensation package by practicing more, self-learning, contribute to GITHub, open book exams


  • HackerRank/Leet code by participating in hackathons/challenges in various tools to compete against best in the world

byteXL Platform

The byteXL proprietary platform comes equipped with an LMS, centralized academic & skilling content, online editor, student analytics and progress reports, real-time dashboards on individual college performance and access to coding challenges.


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