The C programming language is a popular and widely used computer programming language for writing computer applications.  C is essential to learning its extension, the object-oriented C++ language. In this course, you will learn a number of exercises. Some of these exercises include:

  • Program to find roots of quadratic equation
  • Program to check a given number is prime or not.
  • Program to generate the first n terms of the fibonacci sequence.
  • Program to construct a pyramid of numbers.
  • Program to calculate the following Sum: 1-x2/2! +x4/4!-x6/6!+x8/8!-x10/10!
  • Program to find LCM.
  • Program to find value of nCr.
  • Recursive program to find power(x,y).
  • Program to solve the Towers of Hanoi problem.
  • Program to print prime number till given number. (Sieve Algorithm)
  • Program that reads 15 names and display them in ascending (alphabetical) order.
  • Program to find the 2’s complement of a binary number.
  • Program to display the contents of a file to standard output device.
  • Program to copy a file to another and replace lowercase characters to uppercase.

And many more….

  • Over 50+ practice programs
  •  In browser cloud based IDE