Opportunities for colleges to adapt to a fast-changing tech world

We strongly believe that the ability of students to get placed in top tech companies is a byproduct of their good learning outcomes. And by good learning outcomes, we refer to college students having an understanding of the subject and continuously learning to have high retrieval capabilities. In simple terms, how well students are able to retain and apply the information they learn?

For colleges to be able to facilitate their student’s retention capabilities and better learning outcomes, they first need a mindset change in these two key areas –

Embracing multi-year programs

Students enrolling in crash-courses during placement season to crack coding interviews is a short-term fix that is seldom sustainable. It wouldn’t help set up a strong academic backbone for colleges and won’t help in improving their collective student caliber in the long run.

When we decide to partner with a college, our programs always start from skilling first year students right through their final year. Our initial objective is always to set up a strong foundation and core for them. This would also provide students a taste of different career paths within computer science, so they make an informed decision.

Once they have a good grasp of their fundamentals and interests, we then skill them specifically to increase their capabilities and establish expertise in a particular domain. Embracing this multi-year approach is critical for colleges to both increase their students’ retention capabilities and better their learning outcomes in the long run.

Testing the right metrics

Currently in India, there is no concept of ‘open book’ exams unlike the west. Students are solely tested their ability to memorize and retain information, severely stifling their capabilities in key areas that top tech companies are in the lookout for. That includes critical thinking, ability to analyze the information in textbooks and to problem solve.

It is the right time for colleges to build high-caliber students in tech and realize that this will not be possible by shielding students from resources online or solely limiting them to closed book exams. Colleges should instead be utilized as a nurturing ground for tomorrow – skilling students by leveraging the resources available around them and training to practically solve problems using concepts taught in classrooms.

Once colleges embrace multi-year skilling programs and test students on the right metrics, they would automatically be able to raise high caliber students. Considering how top tech companies are always in search of good talent, this mindset change to attain good learning outcomes would inevitably make college students ‘sought after’ during placement season.