Key Takeaways from our XLerate Launch with Microsoft India

On October 31st, we officially launched our XLerate Program with Microsoft India. The call was a culmination of a few months of effort from both parties to cohesively create a program that provides adequate service and a sense of community to students from tier II and tier III cities. To tie-up with a global corporation on our shared vision to provide students with the right platform and the support system they need to successfully forge a career in tech is a privilege.

At the very core, XLerate Program is a brainchild that embodies the core values we hold at byteXL. That includes –

  • Setting up well-defined learning outcomes – By learning outcomes, I am not referring to how well students complete weekly or monthly assessments. But rather, learning outcomes should be defined based on a student’s ability to retain/retrieve knowledge and apply it in the outside world.

  • Adopting learn-by-doing programs – When we send our trainers to colleges for in-person classes, the formula is generally for them is to be mentor 90 percent of the time, that leave them with only 10 percent to lecture. Since adopting the formula, we could see the confidence rise in first- and second-year students in the way they approach their curriculum, their ability to speak out and hold intellectual conversations and to be par with students in their final years.

  • Training students how to think practically – Beyond textbook knowledge, we aim to skill students in a way that their first project in the first year is as important and impactful as their last project in their final year.

    Tying up with Microsoft India allows us to leverage our unique position in the industry and bring a hybrid model to the table. Unlike standard certification courses, XLerate Program would encourage students be learn, build a community of like-minded individuals around them, and provided them with mentors who support them on their journey.

    We are also uniquely propositioned due to our access and reach in colleges of tier II and tier III cities. We bring connectivity and provide large tech companies with a talented pool of candidates they previously lacked access to in tier II and III cities. Our goal fundamentally is to democratize skilling in a such a way that tech ecosystem can fully utilize talent coming from tier II and III cities. Being inclusive would both help the Tech as an Industry and push India to become a global digital talent hub in the coming years.

    Written by Karun Tadeplli, CEO & Co-founder, byteXL